Sculptures by Dennis Sohocki

Sohocki Style:
  • Classic, abstract, and non-objective modern sculptural forms

  • Works in bronze, marble, stainless steel, and hardwood

  • Sizes from personal to monumental

Sohocki Background:
  • Began carving while working with the Athabascan Indians of Alaska more than 40 years ago

  • Has created dozens of public and private monuments

  • Named Readers' Choice Artist in 5280 magazine's 2010 Top of the Town issue

  • Awarded National Academy of Design Award, New York, NY

  • Creates high-quality sculptures that are finely engineered

  • One of only 5 sculptors invited to internationally acclaimed Sculpture in the Park show in Loveland, Colorado for 36 years in a row (since it's inception)

  • One of a select few artists featured in Sculpture of the Rockies book from the editors of Southwest Art

  • Graduate of the University of Michigan and Cornell University

  • Taught as an invited artist in the U.S., Cuba, and Egypt


Play video to watch Dennis carving in Arizona
Photo of Dennis carving was taken in Colorado

Sohocki Studios: 
In Denver (May - Nov)
In Arizona (Dec - April)

(303) 777 2028

This First Section Shows Sculptures
Available in Both Monumental and Smaller Sizes

Free Flow
In creating "Free Flow," Sohocki reflected on the physical activities of Free Running or Parkour (par-KOOR). They are forms of extreme movement and gymnastics whereby participants aim to overcome obstacles in their environment to move from one point to another gracefully and efficiently without any special equipment.
Obstacles are transformed into thrilling challenges and opportunities for self-expression. Participants jump, run, scale, flip, drop and swing over whatever obstacles are present in the environment such as walls, rocks, railings, ledges, benches and rooftops.

The absolute nirvana of Parkour -- where a participant overcomes obstacles and moves at an almost fluid state directly and efficently over his or her surroundings -- is called "Free Flow."

This bronze sculpture is available in both 10 and 2 foot sizes and can be mounted either standing up or leaping.



Sun Dance

“Sun Dance” is an elegant and airy form evoking movement and spirit. This powerful, yet graceful sculpture reaches toward the sky in a “sun dance.” It evokes images of the sun, motion, and flight. It has been described as having “a calming, almost meditative effect.”

This bronze sculpture is available in both 8 foot and 36" sizes.

Double Dancer

“Double Dancer” attracts and invites the viewers’ eyes and imagination. A man and a woman merge into one through dance, creating a sense of joy, dance, music and, perhaps most importantly, unity.

The intriguing “Double Dancer” design always attracts attention and prompts discussion about the images portrayed.

This bronze sculpture is available in two heights: 7 1/2 feet and 34".




“Contemplation” suggests a woman sitting on a rock in a contemplative pose. On the other side of the piece, the same image exists, but in a more abstract and cubist form.

The more abstract side reflects influences from my teaching and travel in Egypt.

“Contemplation” is a tranquil image of the quiet reflection so helpful in life and art, particularly when times are hectic and difficult.

The original for “Contemplation” was carved from Travertine marble. The rock surface on which the woman sits is from the natural surface of the rough quarried marble.

This bronze sculpture is available in a 64" monumental size and a 32" size.

Contemplation Monument


Endangered Grace 

“Endangered Grace” is a strong, graceful sculpture with clean, simple lines that suggest a heron or crane. 

The piece reflects Dennis' concern that “grace” is vanishing from our fast-paced society. When we encounter grace, whether in people, wildlife, architecture or art, it captures our attention and inspires our admiration.  

“Endangered Grace” is popular with admirers of both realist as well as abstract art.  The piece was the first abstract sculpture chosen for the Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland, Colorado.

"Endangered Grace" is available in 16-foot, 6.5-foot, and 3.5-foot sizes.

The Following Section Contains Additional Sculptures by Dennis Sohocki 
in the following order:
Bronze Sculptures
Stone Sculptures
The Space Between Us - Bronze, Ht. 28" & 25"

Sail Away - Bronze, Ht. 27"

Proud - Bronze, Ht. 24"

Desert Madonna - Bronze, Ht. 23"

Amanda - Bronze, Ht. 28"

Eternal Embrace - Bronze, Ht. 26"

Radiance - Bronze, Ht. 22"

Puffin - Bronze, Ht. 16"

Pagoda - Bronze, Ht. 25"

The Edge - Bronze, Ht. 15"
This piece was originally designed as the trophy for the 1999 World Cup Ski Championships held in Vail, Colorado.

Rock Me on the Water - Bronze, Ht. 26"

Turning Point - Bronze, Ht. 23"

Harmony - Stainless Steel, Ht. 28"

Lovely - Bronze, Ht. 22"

Torso - Bronze, Ht. 21"

Mother and Child - Bronze, Ht. 22"

Sweetheart - Bronze, Ht. 13"

Sweetest Heart - Bronze, Ht. 32"

Intuition - Bronze, Ht. 21"

Together - Bronze, Ht. 21"

Dancer - Bronze, Ht. 24"

Lean on Me - Marble, 18"

Inner Beauty - Onyx, 15"

Canyon Winds - Onyx, 24"
Glamorous - Onyx, Ht. 28"

Dancing - Italian Marble, Ht. 32"

Amber Wind - Spanish Agate Alabaster, Ht. 26"

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